Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workshops and Cookie Monsters

Last weekend i attended the second Northern Light Workshop with Jesper Ejsing and Eva Widermann as instructors. The focus was on character design, so I took the opportunity to polish my ideas of a cookie monster for a children's tale I'm working on together with Therese Järvheden.

at the Northern Light Workshop

Trying to get the pose right before I do a larger sketch...

at the Northern Light Workshop

After making a larger sketch of the pose I want, I refine the image on a new piece of paper and start coloring. This day I wanted to try painting directly on a toned piece of paper.

Cookie Monster
Watercolor and Acryla Gouache on toned paper
Digital finish

I learned a ton during the process of this image and I had a lot of fun making it. I will have more to show you from the children's tale as it progresses!

Pictures courtesy of Dave Brasgalla (Thanks Dave!) If you want to see more from the workshop I recommend checking out the photostream over at Flickr.

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