Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Trees of My Days

I have always been fascinated by trees. Each one is just perfect in its own way, and if I wander the fields somewhere and see a lonely old Oak, I can't but stop and feel like home... 

The background I made for this blog was put together by three paintings I had made where I was trying to reflect this, as shown below:


This was "The First Tree". Believe it or not, but I was sketching on this over a period of about six years+. It was the first page in my artbook of thick A3 watercolor pages, and I refused to start on the next page until it was finished. I wanted every detail to be there, every leaf (the very reason it took such time!). But in the end I felt it was not necessary to do so, and when I started to feel finished with the pencil work I was afraid to ruin it by coloring, because I had not been working that much with watercolor during that time. However, I took the courage to color it in 2010, and there it goes, "The First Tree" on the hill...

"The Field" was painted as an addition to "The First Tree" especially for the blog, and as soon it was done I continued with the third image in the series:

"The Second Tree" (original name, I know!). It took about half a day to get the second and third image done for the photoshop work to create the background. Now I'm not sure if I even want it as a background on the blog, but i will leave it be, for now :-)

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