Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Indiana Jones and Marion

I have always enjoyed the Indiana Jones movies, the adventures, the action, the romance, the mysticism. I did my first fanart when I was 8 years old, and I had not even seen a whole movie yet. A few weeks ago I picked up my Indiana DVD-box and felt it was time to watch it again, and after that came the idea to make this:

Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood escaping the explosions at the digsite of Tanis. The idea was to frame them with the black smoke in the background. I came up with this angle as thumb no 3. After that I started to roughly sketch it up... A selection of the progress below:

 From left to right: 1.Rough sketch (PS), 2. Pencils with first color wash, 3. Watercolor Progress, 4. Finished Piece (PS). 

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