Friday, October 23, 2015

A Busy Year

This year has been busy. Every time I thought about updating the blog something else came up. Well, now I am happy to be posting again.

Map of Micklabo
70x50 cm, Acrylics

This year I've been working on a game version of the educational book "Monstertrubbel" (monster trouble) by Askunge. It was a direct followup on my previous work from 2012. Now that the game has been released on the digital platform Digimundus (currently only in swedish), I can finally show you some of the content!

The map was a really important part of the project. Not only was it supposed to bring the imaginary world of Micklabo alive, but it was also to be used for setting the ambience, style and color scheme of the rest of the backgrounds, narrative stills and details of the game. 

All backgrounds were painted 70x50 cm, Acrylics

It was great fun to revisit some of my old work and put a fresher look on it. In the next post I'll show you some of the monsters living in the world of Micklabo. 

If you can't wait till next post, you can order the awesome catalogue "Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2016" from Illustratörcentrum (Sweden's largest agency for visual communication) and open page 72-73 where you will find me and some of the characters I've been working on ;-)

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