Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nearly Forgotten

June is one of my favorite months of the year. It's the start of the summer and many of my best childhood memories belong to this season of the year. Exploring deep forests, finding lakes to swim in or try ones luck at fishing. Climbing trees and rocks, running and playing in mossy forests...

At this time of year the forests in Sweden have a special kind of light I've always been fond of. Warm, golden and mystic. John Bauer is one of my all time favorite illustrators to capture the essence of this almost magical feeling, and much of my work is inspired from it. This was one of the first drafted illustrations I made last year. I had wanted to work on an illustration like this for a long time when I made it.

Nearly Forgotten
15x40 cm, Watercolor, Gouache, Digital

As in all the paintings I've shown and will show you this year, they follow a mathematical theme of numbers connected with the months portrayed. The ideas were worked up together with Mirvi Unge Thorsén, and all 12 illustrations I will show this year has been published in the form of a calendar for learning the months by the swedish publishing company Askunge. I am excited to see them being used in schools and I hope many children will benefit from it and have a great time finding the details in them that make each month so specific!


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