Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Early October

Nature fascinates me. It is so inspiring to see it change from spring to winter. Last month I went out and took a bunch of reference photos. It had been raining, as it does in the fall, and the small streams in the forest were raging with an overflow of water, washing everything out of its way. The leaf-trees had gone from green to yellow and orange, leaving a beautiful contrast to the dark and mossy pine around. The sun shone through the clouds and gave everything an almost magical golden touch.

My words cannot truly bring it to justice, but I hope that the latest painting I am working on will catch just a glimpse of the impression it left on me and on the same time continue on my ongoing Tomte-theme.

I regret to show you just a cropped teaser of the full picture at this time, but I promise to show more of everything as it progresses.


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