Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leif the Lion

I was happy when I was commissioned to illustrate my first Children's Book, written by Anna Engquist about "Lejonet Lejf" (I am guessing the translation would be "Leif the Lion" in English). It will be published for the digital market this fall by the Swedish company Mind Vitamins. I was allowed to show some of the work here and write about it.

The requirements of the image were "City Park" and drawn with "Colored pencils". There are many colorful and old quarters in the cities here, so I picked out a few buildings for inspiration and started to sketch up the neighbourhood around the park in the story. The fun part was the challenge of using colored pencils again, I have not done that since the early school days (now it's mostly watercolors and digital images). I hope to show you more of the work done when it has been published.

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