Saturday, June 25, 2011

Little Snow-White

I started to feel guilty for not updating my blog the past weeks, so I decided to give you a look into what's going on. Over at The Art Order there is a Grimm Tales challenge that is coming to a close next sunday. I've been working on an image from "Little Snow-White". 

This is the scene where the dwarves find Little Snow-White sleeping in their house. The idea was to bring some slight sci-fi elements into it, but still staying true to the original story, so I decided to go steampunk. Though I don't think it is visible enough yet, I will finalize gear, costumes and back/foreground this coming week and finish it of with ink/watercolor. When it's done I'll post it here.

Apart from the Grimm challenge, I have been busy with a game and a children's book I've been commissioned to do artwork for. I got images ready for uploading in July, be sure to check it out.

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